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"The blood flies, the battles rage and the characters stay with you so you cannot put the book down. If there was ever a novel which captures the energy and passion of TV's Spartacus, its this..."

Spinetinglers Publishing

"Destiny of the Sword is the debut novel from J. Jones and what a debut it is; there’s plenty of battles, plenty of blood, and even a little bit of love in this fast moving tale that will have you hooked from the first page.

Newcomer Jones transports the reader into his wonderfully constructed fantasy world, where we meet Teren Rad, a former war hero. Following the loss of his wife he quickly changed from local celebrity to virtual recluse, abandoning his two children in the process. It takes a rather unfortunate series of events to make him rediscover the man he once was, and bring him dramatically back into his children’s lives right when they need him the most. But as broken family bridges attempt to be mended something much worse is looming on the horizon…

If you like your books action-packed then this is definitely the book for you! The action is non-stop, but each battle scene is so skilfully crafted that it never feels like overkill. Unlike a lot of books in the fantasy genre Jones takes you on a real emotional journey with his characters, the baddies are deliciously evil, whilst you’ll find yourself desperately rooting for the good guys as they’re forced to face up to their fate.

Destiny of the Sword is an absolutely fantastic debut, and I can’t wait to see what Jones has to offer next."

"Destiny of the Sword is a great book. I really enjoyed this new fantasy series. It's well written, the characters engaging and nicely violent. It deals with heroes but they are past their best, old battle scars making them ache and slowing them down. I think that's what I like most - how real the characters feel and you can really see the fights as they are described. I'm going to read the next one right now."