Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Born again writer

Somewhere under all this dust should be my Blog... I know I left it here somewhere... ah... here it is!

Welcome back to the few hardy souls who have continued to check in from time to time only to find that I have been remiss in my postings since July unbelievably. Your loyalty and patience is greatly appreciated.

In fairness I never intended my absence to be this long although I had decided to take a break from all things writing. It wasn't that I had lost my motivation to write or my love of it - it was just that I feared that my muse/mojo/ability or whatever you want to call it, had deserted me. Sure, I had and still have 2 novels partially completed, but they had both stalled and every time I tried for a change of pace by writing a short story, nothing was happening. I'd spend hours just staring at a blank screen or one that had nothing but drivel on it after hours of toil. I doubted that I would ever write anything meaningful again.

So I took a break and during that time rediscovered my love of reading which is why there's been so much activity over on my Goodreads page. I also decided to pursue my newfound love of all things antique/collectable and started to dabble in the world of antique emporiums and auctions hoping to find that one item that will secure my future. I'm still searching.

At some point the urge to write started to return - an itch that grew increasingly hard to ignore until finally I forced myself to sit down in front of the computer and give it a try. I wouldn't say that it all came flooding back, but getting the words from my brain to the computer no longer felt like walking through treacle - they began to make sense and formulate a story. Long story short (if you'll excuse the pun!) is that somehow I managed to write 4 short stories in the space of a week. Then over the next few weeks I spent some time (a lot of time) editing them until they were of a standard that I could be happy. Then I took the plunge and entered them into various competitions.

That's one small step on the road back but it's a step in the right direction. Now I have to return to the novels and what better time than with NaNoWrMo just around the corner?

I'll keep you posted... I promise.

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