Monday, 3 July 2017

Cracking on

It's been about three weeks I think since I started work on my World War One novel and things are going better than expected. The first ten chapters are now written and edited putting me at about the 28000 word mark. My pace has dropped off a little bit this week because I'm now writing a battle scene which necessitates me doing a fair bit of research, which as anyone who knows me will tell you is a labour of love where the First World War is concerned. I'm trying hard not to get too bogged down in detail because obviously the fewer facts you quote, the less chance there is of you making an honest mistake, but there are certain things which I have to include. Really pleased with how it's going though.

I would really like to write a short story to mix it up a bit but I'm so absorbed in the novel at the moment that I just can't motivate myself to write one. Hopefully that will change over the coming weeks.

Away from writing I've also managed to eek out some time to do some reading, polishing off a staggering (for me) 4 books in just over a couple of weeks. I've read Dreams of a captive  book one of Lay me restless by Sam Leeves, a rising star in the fantasy genre and the Eagles trilogy by Ben Kane. Again anyone who knows me will tell you that second to the First World War my passion is anything Roman and I now own a staggering 200 historical hardback books, the vast majority of which are about the Romans by people like Kane, Scarrow, Riches, Jackson and Fabbri to name but a few. This trilogy is about the destruction of Varus' 3 legions in the forests of Germania in 9AD and Germanicus' expedition to avenge Arminius' betrayal and to recover the lost eagles in the following years. It's a very good trilogy and I highly recommend it. Pop over to Good reads and see my reviews if interested.

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