Thursday, 15 June 2017

On writing

I'm delighted to say that I finally have some positive writing news to share with you.

It's early days, but I started work on my World War One novel on Monday and things are going well. I say I started work on it - that's not strictly true - I actually wrote a 90 000 word novel back in 2004 and tried subbing it but got nowhere. Looking back on it now over a decade later I can see why - the writing isn't too bad but the plot was slack and some of the characters didn't have much depth. I started working on it again in 2012 and 2016, but didn't get much further than about 20 000 words, although the alterations I made were improvements. This year I am determined to completely revamp it ready for submission. I started on Monday and am managing to edit/rewrite a chapter a day, which is working out at about 1300 words a day - I'm not going to set the world alight at that pace, but perhaps this time round quality will win out over quantity. I'm hoping to have it finished by the end of August - that's probably a big ask, but I'm going to go for it.

Whilst I'm working on this ideas and prompts continue to bombard my already overloaded brain and flicking through my notebook earlier I've got the makings of a very good ghost story - too much for a short story but not enough for a novel - yet. But it's looking good.

I've also got the fantasy novel I started 14 months ago percolating in the background. That too has stagnated around the 20 000 word mark. At the time I thought it was some of the best if not the best writing I have ever done, so I owe it to myself to revisit that at some point in the future.

Away from writing I've been watching a lot of films lately and have watched some very good ones including the Australian ghost film "Backtrack", "Colony" and an absolutely brilliant western starring Mads Mikkelsen and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan - for all you Walking Dead fans) called "The salvation". Highly recommend that one. Another good film, albeit with Danish subtitles was "April 9th" about the days teh Germans invaded Denmark during WW2.

Thanks for stopping by.

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