Tuesday, 21 February 2017


I was just dusting off my Author page on Facebook prior to posting up a brief message when I remembered that yet again I had been remiss in my Blog postings.

In all honesty I've just been so busy since Christmas with one thing or another, that by the time I remember that I need to post an entry up here I'm so tired and my eyes so squiffy (is that a word? I feel it should be a word) that I can't face doing it and convince myself that I'll do it the next day, which of course I don't.

The good news though is that in amongst the more humdrum chores of life I have finally found time to look at my fantasy novel again and have spent hours and hours editing the first 5 chapters, such that they now gleam and any further tinkering would be counterproductive. The challenge now of course, is making sure that the rest of the novel, both the bits already written and those chapters waiting oh so patiently to be written, are of the same high standard.

What I was especially pleased with was how I fell in love with it all over again. When I started writing this novel back in April last year I remember posting that it was my opinion at the time that it was some of my best writing and that I'd never felt so excited about a piece of writing before. Now, 10 months on, I still totally concur with that assessment and can't wait to getting stuck in with the rest of the story.

I've also finally managed to carve out a little bit of reading time lately and have read "The Bloody Crown" by James Wilde, the last instalment (for now anyway according to the author) in the Hereward saga and "This house is haunted", a ghost story set in Norfolk in the mid-nineteenth century and of teh same ilk as "The Woman in black" which I loved.

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