Friday, 20 January 2017

Missing in action

Actually the title of this post should really be "Missing in inaction" at least as far as writing activities have been concerned as not a lot has happened since Christmas in that regard.

However, in my defence something really spooky has been going on with my computer with people receiving emails I sent days after I sent them and me receiving emails up to 2 weeks after people sent them to me. Some people claim never to have received certain emails and if you're one of those people expecting a response which hasn't so far come, I wholeheartedly apologise. However, short of sending another email after each initial one asking whether the original arrived, there is no other solution. Then of course there's always the possibility that the subsequent one didn't arrive either - you get the idea. Anyway, apologies again and if anyone is expecting a reply and hasn't received it please get in contact again.

Unfortunately it appears that the problems are not just linked to my email as a couple of Blog posts done earlier this month haven't been posted up either, which at best is annoying and at worst ironic considering the first one promised that I would be making more Blog posts this year. Again, I apologise if you have been stopping by here expecting an update on my latest book.

Both my email, Blog and Twitter have all been severely dusted and oiled this afternoon and I shall be keeping a very close eye on them from this point on.

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