Thursday, 6 October 2016

Publication and libraries

I was delighted to hear that the short story I submitted for possible publication to Horrified Press, has been accepted into their forthcoming print anthology "Victim". It was a lovely feeling to hear the words "accepted for publication" and something I want to hear a lot more of over the coming months. I'm still working on another short story for this publisher which I hope to submit to their anthology "The call" but it's still a little way off completion.

I was also pleasantly surprised by my quarterly sales statement for the Chronicles of Arkadia series. After a lean couple of quarters, sales have picked up again, which is no bad thing. The marketing of these books has been something (something else) that I have badly neglected over the last year and something I must address soon.

I was also sad to read somewhere that between 2005 and today, public library usage has fallen by 30% with the greatest fall in user numbers being felt in the "those who can most afford books" group. The article also went on to say that at this moment in time, 72 public libraries and 5 mobile libraries were facing closure.

This is a truly sad state of affairs and I would encourage everyone to try and visit and borrow at least one book a month, which would improve these figures drastically and hopefully stave off any closures. Very few of us and I include myself in this, fully utilise our local library but I'm sure that the vast majority of us would feel its loss if our local library closed.

It's worth thinking about.

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