Monday, 5 September 2016

An end to distractions

Well it looks like the hot weather is finally over thank goodness and more importantly, so too are the school summer holidays. I know from speaking to other writers that we're all different: some like to play music whilst they're writing, others like to hear the hustle and bustle of everyday life around them whilst they write and consequently do their writing in cafes and on trains. J K Rowling wrote most of the first Harry Potter novel in a cafe if I recall correctly after the idea came to her on a train. Others though like myself, need almost total silence in which to write and unfortunately living in a built up area where families seem to compete with each other to see who can spawn the most kids and the noisiest kids, is not conducive to writing.

Don't get me wrong, I like kids. After all, I used to be one, but the kids round here don't seem to be able to play anything that doesn't involve shouting and screaming... literally... and so the last 7 weeks or so have been a living nightmare for those of us who need peace and quiet to work, or work nights and need to sleep during the day. I'm sure I heard a collective sigh of relief this morning as the kids returned to school for the first day of a new term.

But as I finished my jig of joy in the street as the last of the little terrors disappeared round the corner, it finally dawned on me that I no longer had any excuse for not knuckling down and writing. There have been other factors to justify my lack of productivity, flimsy ones for sure but they exist, but the noise from the kids was the mainstay. Now that's gone. So here it is Monday morning, it's raining outside and it's quiet, or at least as quiet as it ever gets around here, so I have no justifiable excuse not to write. I have a book full of short story ideas and at least 4 new novel ideas, 2 of which I'm very excited about pursuing. Then of course there's the little matter of 2 partly written novels each with 20 000 words committed to paper, so I can't hide behind lack of inspiration.

So I'm going to say goodbye for now and crack on with some writing although it can't be long to lunch can it? Probably not worth starting...

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