Friday, 26 August 2016


For once I actually took my own advice and instead of setting myself unrealistic writing targets, I have written as much as I wanted when I felt like it. My output wasn't great but the quality of the writing wasn't too bad - I'm definitely on my way back.

I've managed to map out a couple of short stories on a storyboard in bullet point fashion and I've probably got another two or three ideas kicking around inside my head which haven't yet settled into anything solid, but I'm heading in the right direction. However, most of my time I have spent going over the novel I started way back in April. The first two chapters have been re-written perhaps three times now and are of an acceptable standard, for now anyway, and over the next few weeks I plan on working on the other half dozen chapters in the same fashion.

Staying on the subject of writing and books it was good to read a week or so ago that physical book sales are on the increase again after a steady decline over the last few years and it seems that all those people who predicted that the paper book had had its time and was on the way out and superseded by e-books, were wrong. People, children especially apparently, like to be able to hold a book and feel it in their hands. I'm shallow enough myself to be swayed into buying a book just by its cover artwork - sad I know, but true. I think there's room in the market for both and long may they both flourish.

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