Monday, 25 July 2016


The first thing to say is welcome to all my new Twitter followers who have now made their way over here to my Blog. Thanks to each and every one of you and apologies if I did not thank you via Twitter, but the last few weeks have been a little hectic one way or another and I've once again had to let certain things slide.

Not much - okay, let's be honest - absolutely nothing has been happening on the writing side of my life (I did say that I'd foolishly let things slide) so I don't have anything to report in that regard, other than I unfortunately didn't make the short list in the Jim Baen Fantasy Award, which was hugely disappointing. I was, however, up against a stellar field of competitors and shouldn't feel too disheartened I guess. My biggest problem now is trying to find somewhere else to submit an 8000 word fantasy story into which I poured my heart and soul.

I now have just 2 short stories out these in competition land, one of which I already know I've made the short list for. The winners are to be announced by the end of the month so not much longer to wait for that one. The other award isn't announcing its winners until a ceremony in October so probably best that I just forget that one for now and move onto something else. That something else needs to be the new fantasy novel that I started a few months ago and got about 30 000 words into before life prevented me from developing it any further.

So that's the plan, some time in the next few days I will start writing that again until I get back into the swing of writing regularly. When that eventually happens and I feel comfortable I'll start to look around for some new short story competitions to enter.

Sounds like a plan... but can I stick to it?

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