Tuesday, 14 June 2016

A little success

Finally back to writing the new fantasy novel again, but progress is slow at the moment. Not having worked on it for some weeks has both its advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side I have come back to it refreshed and perhaps with a different perspective but on the downside I've lost the flow that I was enjoying working on it every day and churning out up to 4000 words at a time. I was also really starting to get under the skin of this new set of characters and now I'm going to have to start again and reintroduce myself. No doubt when I've got a few decent days' writing under my belt things will be easier.

Haven't managed to write any new short stories either but was delighted to learn yesterday that one of the 10 stories I wrote in a flourish a couple of months ago and entered into an array of competitions, has been shortlisted with the winners due to be announced within the next couple of weeks. Fingers crossed for a top 3 placement there, not just for the prize which is always nice, but just for the buzz of having your work vindicated. More news about this when it's announced.

Another major international writing competition is due to announce its shortlist by the end of the month and I'm also keeping everything crossed for that one. Put a huge amount of work into this particularly story, which if I recall was somewhere around the 8000 word mark, so really hoping for some good fortune there as well.

Other than those 2 I have two more short stories out there, one of which teh closing date has just passed and the judging process begun and the other has a closing date of mid-July so still has a way to go.

Updates on all of these when I get some news.

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