Saturday, 28 May 2016

We're back!

I don't know why it keeps happening, but that's the third time that I've been unable to access my own Blog for a given period of time, though not for the whole month to be fair. Part of my non-posting has been down to being just so incredibly busy with various things and partly due to the fact that having spent the day huddled over my keyboard and staring at my screen, I simply cannot find the strength to sit down and spend more time staring at the screen and writing blog posts, important as they are. My poor eyes can only take so much and just lately they've been telling me that they're very tired!

My latest novel the first draft of which I was attempting to write by the end of May, is around the 30 000 word mark, but hasn't progressed much in the last 2 weeks and in hindsight the challenge was probably too ambitious given everything that I knew would be happening in May. Still it got me motivated to write the first 30k and that can't be bad. Now I must get myself back into the right frame of mind and crack on with a view to perhaps finishing the first draft by the end of June or more realistically perhaps, the end of July. I'm certainly not about to abandon it and my excitement and motivation are still sky high.

You may also remember that I wrote 8 short stories and entered them for various competitions a couple of months ago. Sadly out of the 4 which have announced their winners so far, I have not featured but my best work is still with the competitions still to announce so I'm remaining quietly optimistic.

I have, however, received my copies of "Midnight ghosts" and "Tales from the graveyard", 2 anthologies which include 5 stories by me and have to say that they are excellent especially the Midnight ghosts one. There are some very talented writers featured in there and I'm honoured to be alongside them.

Well that's it for now and assuming I don't get hacked or prohibited from my own Blog again, hopefully I will be posting again very soon.

Have a good Bank Holiday...

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