Friday, 6 November 2015


Finally, after a number of false starts, more than I care to remember actually, I've finally managed to get some words down on paper, or screen to be exact. Not that it looked that way for a long while. After sorting out some admin and catching up on Tweets and emails etc, I eventually sat down to start writing at about 10 AM this morning. By 12 PM I found I was still staring at a blank screen, not even a title had been typed up.

I can't blame it on lack of ideas as I've got a note book full of short story ideas and prompts and even a few novel ideas, but for whatever reason I just couldn't take one of those ideas and run with it. I don't often get struck down with writer's block but when I do it's pretty drastic and can last for months. Depression and despondency are never far behind.

My inclination was to just write the day off after lunch and get stuck into one of  the many books I have to read, that wouldn't be a waste of time. After all, the great Stephen King once said "If you don't have time to read, you don't have the time - or the tools - to write. Simple as that."

I think I read about 2 maybe 3 pages before I decided to go back to my compuetr and try again. If I've learned one thing it's that the longer you leave confronting writer's block, the longer it lasts. Anyway, after another stressful half hour of crazed scribblings, an idea began to formulate and a little over 2 hours later I've actually completed a first draft of a story weighing in at 1900 words. The competition I've got in mind for it has a smaller word limit than that so I've got some drastic editing ahead of me, but that's not the point. The point is that I overcame the dreaded writer's block and got something down on screen. It may not be a literary masterclass - none of my work is, but it's writing and that's a start. I've something to work with. Something to build on.

Thank you Mr King!

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