Tuesday, 11 August 2015

5 star review

Reviews and in particular, positive reviews, are the life blood of indie authors and help to promote our work and raise our profile, so we are always extremely grateful when somebody who has read one of our books takes the time to leave a review at wherever they acquired it. I was delighted therefore, when I visited my Goodreads account today to find that one of the winners of my recent give away had done just that. To make it even better, they seem to have really enjoyed the book and left a glowing 5* review.

Here's what they had to say...

"I'm a fan of historical fiction and even though this book is a fantasy based in a fantasy world, the characters act like Romans or Vikings so I loved this. 
The main character Teren is a believable ex-soldier with a heart-breaking back story. His estranged son Eryn finds himself in a situation where history has repeated. You really feel sorry for both of them. The author has created quite a few characters that you can't help but care about. The action is non-stop. There is fighting, blood-shed and an approaching war that these characters have to contend with. I don't want to spoil the story so I will only say that the book had me hooked and the ending left me wanting the next book! "

A few more like that would be most welcome and hopefully the lady in question will now go on and read the other books in the series.

As for my next project I think that I've finally narrowed it down to 2 choices out of a list of 5, but I'm having real trouble deciding whether to write another fantasy novel, albeit completely different to the Arkadian series, or the World War One historical novel that's been screaming at me to be written for some time now.

I'm also acutely aware of several short story competition deadlines fast approaching, competitions that I had earmarked to enter at the start of the year. And then of course in 2 months' time it's NaNoWrMo again...

It looks like I'm in for a busy Autumn.

Thanks for popping in and don't forget to keep checking here for more updates.

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