Thursday, 2 July 2015

I'm back!

Now I know what you've all been thinking - he hasn't posted on his blog for nearly a month because he's away on a long holiday paid for by the proceeds of his new book and I can't tell you how much I wish that was true. Firstly, because I could really use a holiday and secondly because I would like to sit here and be able to tell you that Last stand of old heroes is flying off the virtual shelves.

Sadly neither occurrence is the reason for my enforced absence and instead it's because my trusty computer picked now of all times to go on the fritz. I put up with it for as long as I could but when it reached the stage of taking three or more minutes to change pages, I decided enough was enough and off to the menders it went. I never did get a full explanation of what was actually wrong with it; PC World ran a health check on it for me and whatever that entailed it seemed to do the trick. Or so I thought. Just noticed over the last day or two that it's starting to slow down again. I'm hoping it' just the heat, but I doubt it, so if in the words of Jack Bauer I go dark, you'll know why this time.

So as you can imagine it's been pretty difficult doing anything on the writing front, although I have started mapping out three more novel ideas, the ideas I discussed briefly with my publisher Netherworld Books a few weeks ago. No I'm not planning on trying to write three at a time - I'm not that deranged - well maybe I am, but I'm still not going to try that. No, at this stage I'm just kicking these three ideas around to see which one generates more ideas and material and if I feel comfortable with what I've got jotted down in a month or so, then I'll try and kick on with that one.

In the meantime though I'm desperate to get back to writing short stories; I think I've only written one new one in the last eighteen months which is terrible by my standards, although several more have been published by Horrified Press in the meantime with another 6 or 7 accepted for publication.

As far as Last stand of old heroes is concerned, initial sales have been slow, but whilst I haven't had a computer to work on much I have still been working feverishly behind the scenes to generate sales. But these things take time and I wouldn't expect to see the benefit from any of this networking to seep through for a few more weeks, if at all. Without a large publisher with a promotional budget behind them, the independent author or those published by the small press have to generate their own sales and publicity. Every sale has to be earned but I speak from experience when I say that they taste all the better for it.

I have plenty more to blog about over the coming days and weeks so keep popping back and hopefully if my computer doesn't give up the ghost and drift off to the great scrapyard in the sky, there will be more frequent postings on here in future.

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