Friday, 24 April 2015

The quest

After finally finishing the latest novel and submitting it to my publisher for consideration, I was looking forward to a few weeks away from writing and catching up on some of the other chores I've had to let slip a bit. I was also determined to use the time to re-ignite the marketing campaign on my existing books but especially Destiny of the sword, that being the first book in the series. My main aim with regard to that was to try and get a few honest reviews from either established book reviewers or from people with a vested interest in the fantasy genre.

My publisher had very kindly given me a list of perhaps 150 book reviewers both here in Blighty and over the pond and brimming with excitement and a renewed vigour, I began working my way through the list looking for suitable matches. After all, there's no point sending a fantasy book to someone who only reads chicklit or crime.

It very soon became apparent, however, that almost no one is interested in reviewing fantasy although there was the odd one who remarked that they were prepared to review paranormal romance or dark fantasy. I think that to date I have looked into over 50 of the names on the list, only 2 of which were prepared to review fantasy and by that I mean that they didn't go out of their way to exclude them. Well 2 is better than none I hear you say and you'd be right if it wasn't for the fact that both of them, as indeed did many of the others I looked at, stated that they were simply overwhelmed with review material at the moment and wouldn't be able to accept anything new for some time.

So then I tried a different tack and resorted to Mr Google and carried out a search for people who only reviewed fantasy and sci fi and came up with 3 names that weren't on my original list. One of these only accepts submissions from publishers and the other 2 asked me to leave my book details with them and if any of their reviewers was interested in reviewing it, they would get in contact for their copy.

I'll carry on ploughing through the list my publisher gave me but I must confess to being a little bit depressed about the whole process, perhaps naievely thinking that there would be scores of people willing to review books. I suppose when you consider how many thousands of new self-published books roll off the production line every week, many seeking reviewers, you can understand the overload. I'm not alone either as several other fantasy writers from around the globe got in contact with me after I tweeted about it all saying that they had experienced the same thing.

Nothing to do but keep plodding on I guess and in the meantime I'll keep an eye on my email inbox - you never know!

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