Monday, 30 March 2015

There and back again, an author's tale...

Well it's been nearly 18 months in the making, but book 4 in the Chronicles of Arkadia heroic fantasy series, Last stand of old heroes, is finally finished, from my point of view at least.
It's been a long and sometimes will-sapping journey which got off to a really slow start and had me questioning for the first time in my writing career whether I had the staying power to finish it. Then along came NaNoWeMo last November. I'd never taken part in this before but decided that it might just be the catalyst I needed to reinvigorate my writing and that's exactly how it turned out. When I finally emerged bleary eyed and weary into early December, I had added an astonishing 60 000 words to my novel and good words at that. With so much time and energy now invested in the book there was no way that I was going to let that slip and so here we are at the end of March with the finished article.
I've spent the last 6 weeks or so furiously editing and proofreading but it's now reached the stage where I'm just tinkering with it for the sake of it. A wise lady (my publisher) once said to me that eventually you've got to send your baby out into the world to fend for itself and almost reluctantly I realise that that time is almost upon me.
I'm going to sleep on it for a couple more nights no doubt wrestling with minor plot points and then I shall finally click the send button and send it on its way.
Then I'm going to hibernate and hide behind the sofa and await the initial feedback.
Scary times....

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