Monday, 12 January 2015

Starting anew

After a dismal run of results in short story competitions of late, I was elated and excited when a letter arrived today from the organisers of the Sid Chaplin writing competition, the last one I had anything entered into. The last time that they wrote to me (two or three years ago I think) it was to tell me that although I hadn't won a prize I had been short listed and was consequently going to be published in their upcoming anthology. Arrogant or not, I must confess that when the letter arrived today I had expectations of at least the same result, but sadly that wasn't the case and the letter was to thank me for taking the trouble to enter but unfortunately I hadn't been successful this year.

Gutted or what! Felt sure the letter was good news particularly as the story I had entered with them was one of my strong ones, or so I thought. Most competitions understandably because of the costs/time involved, only get in contact with you if you're one of the lucky winners, so my hopes were not unfounded.

So that's another short story which I'm reluctantly going to consign to the retired folder. Tempting as it still remains, I'm definitely not going to recycle any more of these stories and if I'm to have success with my short story writing this year, it will be with new material.

But first I must get the first draft of Vengeance of the sword finished because all I'm doing at the moment is talking about it, although in fairness it's been a bit of a nightmare since the turn of the year. Nevertheless, tomorrow I start.

At least I'm managing to get some reading done at the moment and have recently finished Tyrant and Storm of arrows, books 1 and 2 in the Alexander of Macedon series by Christian Cameron. Took a while for me to get into them but when I did I thoroughly enjoyed them and look for to moving onto book 3 in the series, Funeral games, as soon as I can.

I have also just finished reading The woman in black 2 "Angel of death", by Martin Waites. Really written well, with short pacey chapters and an uncluttered style of writing, this book was the perfect follow on to the original film, although I understand that some parts of this book are different to the film which is currently in cinemas. I look forward to seeing that at some point.

Next up...The empty throne by Bernard Cornwell, about book 876 in the King Alfred series, all of which have been a cracking read.

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