Saturday, 24 January 2015

And so it goes on....

Once again I find myself having to come on here briefly and start with an apology for lack of postings, but trust me when I say it's not a choice thing. What started out as acute tonsillitis (nothing cute about it trust me) has deteriorated all week long despite a myriad of medication and another visit to a different GP yesterday now renders me with a diagnosis of flu. Apparently a very nasty strain which has mutated from what they were expecting rendering all flu jabs next to useless, not that I had one.

Can't swallow my own saliva, a chesty cough like you wouldn't believe, a 9 day old headache, a pulled muscle in my neck from constant coughing, haven't slept for 9 days (literally) and now the added joy of conjunctivitis (apologies for any spelling mistakes but i can't see jack at the moment through these slits). Oh, and because I can't eat and barely drink, I've lost over half a stone!

When I do recover and I have to believe that eventually I will (quack i saw yesterday said he was off work with it for 2 weeks and his wife who is also a GP has been off with it now for nearly 3 weeks, so it sounds like I've got at least another week to ten days ahead of me) I promise to crack on with all outstanding writing and bring book 4 in the Chronicles series to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for stopping by...

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