Monday, 10 November 2014

More publications and an update

So today marks a third of the way through the month of November and NaNoWrMo and a good point at which to check progress. The aim was to complete 2000 words a day meaning that I should have been hovering around the 20000 word mark by now and I'm delighted to say that's exactly where I am, well almost. I think the actual figure is 19000 and some change, but you get the idea. So following that to its logical conclusion I should be somewhere between 55 and 60000 words come the end of the month, which in real terms, will be about two thirds of the book complete.

Whilst I'm immersing myself in novel writing once again, I'm naturally devoid of time to spend on short story writing which is a shame, as I'd managed to pile up about a dozen competition entries during September and October. Instead all I can do at the moment is sit and wait for the various competitions to announce their winners, the next of which is due at the end of this month I believe.

There is, however, plenty of movement on the anthology publishing front. In my last posting I mentioned that my short story "Killer plot" had been published in the anthology called "Twisted" published by Thirteen O'clock Press. Today I've learned that another anthology, "Last night" has also been published. I've been eagerly awaiting this particular one as it contains no less than 3 of my short stories. The coming dawn is set during WW1 and tells the story of a man waiting to be shot by firing squad. The final hours is a SciFi story with a twist ending and The thirteenth body is set in a prison. Really proud to be included in this one as I'm alongside some great writers.

Last Night

Paperback, 189 Pages 
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Last night, the last night, what happened last night, wishing it were still last night... there are many ways of interpreting this particular theme and the talented Thirteen O'clock authors have done just that, with far ranging and very different stories all relating to that one thing, last night. Enjoy, whilst thinking about your last night...

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