Sunday, 2 November 2014

Giving it a go

So November is finally here and up and down the country thousands of aspiring novel writers are feverishly bashing away on the keyboard, turning their backs on life, sleep and family in the honourable quest to write 50 000 words by the end of the month. I've never fancied doing it (NaNoWrMo) and haven't signed up to do so this year, but I am having my own attempt at kick starting my latest novel as I don't seem to be able to knuckle down any other way.

I made a good start yesterday with just under 3000 words written. Today hasn't been quite so good, with just a thousand more added, but if I am able to keep that level of productivity up throughout the month I should arrive at November 30th with around 56 000 words written, or 3/5 of a book, however you want to look at it.

I can't touch type unfortunately so the same two fingers are taking a bit of a hammering, but on a good day I am able to knock out between 4 and 5 thousand words. That's fine, so long as the ideas keep coming and I don't run into any plot kinks or the dreaded writers' block.

I will attempt to keep my progress updated on here though perhaps not every day due to finger fatigue.

Away from novel writing I've been religiously checking me email inbox for a message hopefully saying that I won a prize in one of the writing competitions I entered, as they had their award ceremony over the weekend. Nothing's arrived sadly, so it looks like I'll have to be content with just making the short list on this occasion, which is no mean feat.

Time for a lie down before tomorrow's chapter begins...

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