Thursday, 6 November 2014

Gathering pace

So day 6 of the writing challenge draws to a close and I'm pleased to say that today was a good day. Not sure again exactly how many words got written today but I would estimate that it's somewhere in the region of 3500, the total word count now a few hundred under the 11000 mark. Give or take a couple of hundred, that means I'm back on target for my 2000 a day, but I already know that there are days ahead of me when I'll be lucky to do any writing at all which means other days have got to step up to the mark.

So far I've resisted the temptation to check other writers' blogs and see how they're faring just in case I'm miles behind what other people are achieving - my motivation is a fragile thing at the moment. It will be interesting to have a look towards the end of the month though.

Sadly another short story competition has announced its winners and once again I haven't made the cut. The deadline for contacting the winners of another competition has also passed, so again I must reluctantly conclude that I haven't been successful there either. Neither of the stories submitted to these competitions were what I'd call particularly strong, but it is still disappointing. That leaves just 6 other short story competitions that I'm currently in but on the bright side, 5 of these 6 are what I consider some of my better work and I really do have high hopes for them. However, as always writing for competitions is subjective. If the judge who picks up your particular entry hates the genre in which you've written, you're going to fail however good the writing is.

None of these are meant to announce their winners until at least the end of November so more details when they happen.

In the meantime...back to churning out the novel.

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