Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Something to get your teeth into

Just when you think you're getting your gear together and can move on and do things you want to do when you want to do them, life has a habit of coming along and biting you on the backside. Well that's almost true. For life substitute big brown dog of indeterminable breed and for backside substitute back of knee.

There I was, walking along the street with my faithful hound, happy in the knowledge that my writing was finally getting back on track, having had several acceptances recently, when around a hedge appears a big, mean dog. Quicker than a really quick thing, it piles into my dog sending us both sprawling to the ground. Fearing that the mutt might take advantage of my vulnerable position I scrambled to my feet trying desperately to hold onto my dog's lead. This dog seriously out gunned mine in every department and there was only going to be one winner and one large vet bill, so in an effort to break the fighting up and protect my hound, I stepped between them desperately hoping that the other dog's owner would finally get involved and drag his away. Seems I was wrong on both counts. Yes, I managed to break the fight up but only after the damned thing had bitten me behind the left knee. Actually it didn't just bite me but clamped its jaws around my leg for some time. Secondly, its owner was pedestrian at best in retrieving his dog.

Net result - my dog survived unscathed and yours truly sustained a really nasty bite behind the knee, with several puncture wounds and a decent imprint of the rest of its teeth in my leg for good measure. Since then it's just been one medical appointment after another. Casualty for 2.5 hours and 3 doctors' visits trying to find a powerful antibiotic that my stomach could handle. Didn't find one so in the end I've just had to work at being vigilant and hoping I'd cleaned the wound sufficiently to avoid an infection.

I don't know what's upset me more actually, the bite, the numerous medical appointments, the inordinate amount of time I've had to spend in the small room as a result of the powerful antibiotics or the fact that I'd so been looking forward to writing last week and had targets planned out for every day, all of which went to pot.

I'd been seriously considering having a go at NaNoWrMo this year (National Novel Writing Month - this happens every November and writers sign up to try and write 50 000 words towards a new novel) and had planned on spending a large portion of last week planning in readiness for the 1st November. None of that has happened now and if I do decide to have a go at NaNoWrMo I'm going to have to go in virtually cold. I've got another day to decide so we'll see.

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