Sunday, 12 October 2014

Learning curve

I like to try and learn something new each day if I can, whether it be a little known fact, a new word or the main export of a former Soviet republic. Whatever. Knowledge is power after all or so they say. So take Friday for example. On Friday I learned that it's not clever to lie on the floor and try and do some back exercises if no one else is in the house or likely to be for some time. My back had been playing me up really badly all week and I finally managed to eak out a little bit of time to do some stretches which have been beneficial on previous occasions. Everything was going fine until I decided that I'd done enough and went to stand up. Bang! No idea what happened (okay that's not true - after 13 years of back misery I've a damned good idea what's happened but I just don't want to own up to it because the ramifications aren't good) but as I went to get up I felt a terrible sharp pain in my lower spine, an electric shock type pain down my left leg and then my back went into spasm and everything seized up. Bottom line - couldn't move or haul myself up at all, so there I remained on the floor with nothing but a hound for company, until the first of my family came home to help me up many hours later. Since then I've been pretty much bed bound, this being the first time I've even managed to get anywhere near the computer. Lesson learned. Won't be doing that again in a hurry.

Still, it wasn't a complete waste of time I suppose. Apart from the fact that it also forced me to relax and stay still (as best I could) for a while after a mad few days, I also had plenty of time to think which I put to good use working on plot ideas. Unfortunately I didn't have the proverbial notepad and pen to hand so some of the ideas I came up with have sadly dissolved with the passage ot time, but a couple remained.

Prior to that, earlier in the week I managed to finish and edit the ghost story I wrote about 3 weeks ago and then submit it for another competition. It needed a lot of knocking into shape and the only way I could get it resembling something I was happy with, was by increasing the projected word count substantially. This in turn reduces the number of markets open to you, but luckily I did manage to find one that would accept it so now it's just a case of waiting and seeing. A couple of days prior to that, I also re-worked an old story of mine and submitted that to yet another competition, so now I have 9 current competition entries, including the one I've already been informed I'm short listed in, which is great news.

I was also thrilled to receive my copy of Legends and Lore (Horrified Press) through the post yesterday and can't wait to start reading some of the great stories in there. Once again Horrified Press via Lulu have done a bang-up job of publishing this anthology.

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