Sunday, 31 August 2014

Peace at last

No, sadly I'm not talking about in Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine or anywhere else in the world where men are at this very minute killing each other in the futility of war. No, I'm talking about outside my house where for the last 6 weeks (feels like months) the local kids have screamed, shouted and screamed some more, from mid-morning to dusk. The ability to concentrate much less read or write, went out of the window the day the schools broke up and so naturally nothing much has been achieved on the writing front during this time. Still, tomorrow is September and at some point this week (please God) they should all go back to school and the muse might see its way to return - I hope so because I'm eager to get stuck back into my writing.

So what is the current state of play on my works in progress I hear you ask? Okay, I can't actually hear you but I have received two emails in the last couple of weeks asking me when book 4 in The Chronicles of Arkadia series is coming out. Well, the situation is this. The first draft of book 4 was well under way and then my computer was attacked by some malware or something, so the technical bods tell me. Net result - lost it all along with some other stuff (nothing personal or important thank goodness). Thought I'd saved it onto a pen drive, but apparently not; all I've got on one of them is the first three chapters I'd saved earlier. To say I wasn't very happy would truly be an understatement, but I've no one else to blame other than myself - there's a lesson to be learnt in there somewhere. Still, I've got the first three chapters and whilst I obviously can't remember exactly what I wrote for all the others I have still got the rough notes and should be able to reconstruct them, hopefully better this time. Annoying yes. Time consuming, definitely, but so long as my publisher is prepared to wait, it's not the end of the world and I promise those of you who are eagerly (I hope) awaiting the next book, it will be the best yet.

Whilst I haven't been able to get on with writing the novel I have been able to make the odd foray back into the wonderful world of short story writing and have managed to enter 3 more stories into various competitions. It would be nice to get placed in one of these and would be a timely morale boost. The first one should announce its winners by the end of September I believe, so more details when that happens.

Finally I'm also hoping that Horrified Press will be releasing a couple more anthologies with my stories in them, over the next couple of months, particularly in the run up to Halloween. Again more news when I hear it.

Hope everyone has a good week...

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