Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The longest day

So I'm really beginning to hate Summer. It's not the heat so much, though anything hotter than today's 24/25 degrees Celsius is too warm for me. No, it's the length of the days and the temperature of a night, restricting the ability to sleep that's doing me in. It takes me ages to get to sleep and then I'm woken at 3.35 am by the birdsong, which incidentally seems to be getting louder every morning. Add to that the fact that I'm pretty sure that whatever species of bird it is that has taken roost in my loft (thanks for that by the way) is the cheerleader and starts it all off.

Then at the other end of the day the lighter evenings is encouraging the kids to play out later and later making concentration of an evening even harder. Bless them!

There's a lot to be said for dark, wet, October nights and I for one long for the day the clocks are turned back an hour.

So, suitably knackered and not in the best of moods, I plonked myself down in front of the computer this morning and in true Al Bundy fashion, waited for the almost inevitable hassles and problems to begin and disrupt my writing plans as they seem to do most every day.

A quick glance to my right and I was surprised to find that my outstanding post/problems tray was practically empty. Not willing to be lulled into a false sense of hope I bravely opened my email fully expecting a plethora of problems and things requiring action, but other than the usual things that briefly needed my attention, there was nothing.

The phone! Surely the telephone is going to ring and ruin my aspirations, but after 10 minutes of sitting and staring at it in expectant melancholy, nothing happened.

Nervously I reached out for my note pad and pen and began to write. And that's how my morning played out. For the first time in I don't know how long, I had a morning to myself (aside from the obligatory frisbee playing with the hound) that is.

And what was the net result? Several pages of notes and an outline draft of the first 6 chapters of the next book in the Chronicles of Arkadia series. Regular readers of this blog will know that I have recently completed the first draft of  Forging of a legend, another book in the Chronicles series, but set some 30 years before the events depicted in Destiny of the sword. Wiser and better writers than I would probably say it was best to finish that novel off first, but the idea for the sequel to Fury of the sword, has been tossing around in my head for some time now and needed to be written. Now I've made a start and I've fallen in love with the old characters all over again.

By the time that I've padded out the notes and bullet points I've jotted down, I've probably got the makings of the first third of the novel. Where I go from there I'm not quite sure, but for the moment I'm going to run with it. Rather than plotting out the whole story I'm going to write the first 6 or 7 chapters and see what happens.

You never know - that might even be tomorrow.

Today was a good day - surely it can't happen again tomorrow.

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