Sunday, 25 May 2014

The perils of Ebay

I knew that I hadn't been on here to post for a while, but I was shocked and a little embarrassed to find that it was a little over 2 weeks since my last post, especially as I'd vowed then to make a greater effort to post more often. Oh, well, best intentions and all that.

So what's the excuse this time? Well several actually, but the main one has been that I have been bitten by the Ebay bug. I'd been warned by wiser people than me, that it was highly contagious, but still I went ahead and dipped my toe in the water. Now I'm all but drowning in it. The main symptoms of the Ebay bug appear to be the need to sit in front of your computer screen continually pressing the refresh button in the hope that someone will have placed another bid on whatever you're trying to sell and the need to post all of your parcels in the Post Office at peak times, thereby causing as much inconvenience to as many people as you can.

Whenever I used to have to pop round to the Post Office to post a letter, just needing one paltry stamp, I always seemed to find myself stuck in a queue behind the Ebay woman - easy to recognise as she usually carried a black bin liner full of assorted parcels all requiring proof of postage. What's more, she always seemed to have only just got there and had only just handed over her first package. Now I am that person, but at least I know I need help.

So why do I do it when I despise these people so much? Well, a few weeks ago I mentioned that the house was bulging at the seams and needed a clear out and set about to do just that. At first we took loads of stuff down to charity shops and the like, but eventually arrived at the point where some of the stuff was just too good to actually give away. We've done several car boots over the years with varying degrees of success but they're just no fun any more and frankly just too much hard work, as all people want to do is haggle and I just can't be doing with that - it's just not British. So that left me Ebay. I was sceptical at first, but as the bids started to roll in, I became hooked until I reached the point where I was actively looking round for more things to sell. But a bit of fun has now turned into an obsession and has to stop. If it doesn't, I'll never write again. Maybe there's a clinic I can check into to go cold turkey.

So as you can probably guess, very little - no let's be honest - no writing has been done for at least 2 weeks, something else I am ashamed of. Friends have tried to encourage and motivate me, fellow writers like Sam Leeves, the author of Endless tides and In the footsteps of the Behemoth, and I am grateful for their support, but the desire to write again must come from inside me.

I will beat this thing and I will be back....

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