Thursday, 1 May 2014

The culling

It's been a busy last couple of weeks with all sorts of things going on in the Jones' household, including the mother of all clear outs. With book shelves groaning under the weight of numerous tomes and plastic boxes full of more books, DVD's and LP's stacked from floor to ceiling, it was clearly time for a cull. It broke my heart getting rid of some (a lot) of these books, but I guess there really was no point in keeping them unless you plan on reading them again, which I wasn't; too many other great books out there waiting to be read for the first time.

Interesting thing from our clear out though is that is seems that we had a window in the dining room all along, with a garden stretching far into the distance!

The net result of this reckless behaviour is that we've a lot more space in the house, which pleases the fearsome one, and I no longer feel suffocated when I sit at my desk to write. I like to be surrounded by reference books, some of my favourite fiction books and photos that provide inspiration, but it was like being enclosed on 3 sides by a huge stupefying wall. Now light has returned and with it hopefully, will come inspiration.

Still haven't started work on editing Forging of a legend - determined to leave this one a good few weeks so that I can go back to it with a completely fresh perspective and identify any potential plot pitfalls. I have been churning out the short stories though, but again they're all at first draft stage. What I need to do now is try and marry each one up to a potential market/competition and then work on editing them one at a time and amending their word count accordingly.

Horrified Press continue to deliver on their promise of publishing all of the anthologies which moved over from Static Movement. Although none of the ones that have rolled off the production line lately, have contained any of my work, I have been told by my editor that another 2 have already been signed off by her and sent for final approval prior to publication; hopefully at some point in may or early June these will also become available through Amazon etc.

I've also this week received a request to come and give a talk to some creative writing students and am now busily knocking together material for a workshop/talk; more details to follow when known.

Television continues to be awesome and despite the end of Walking Dead and The Musketeers, others such as Game of thrones and the Americans, continue to thrill. I'm also looking forward to seeing if Penny dreadful lives up to the hype.

Right, it's time to start writing - I can no longer hide behind the "my desk is too cluttered" excuse.

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