Friday, 2 May 2014

Housekeeping and raising the profile

Had the option today of either getting on with some writing (tempting) or dealing with some housekeeping issues which have been nagging away at me for some weeks now, namely updating profiles and accounts. Decided in the end to do the latter as I'd never be able to truly concentrate on my writing knowing that at some point I had to deal with the updates; better to get them out of the way first.

I now have nice new shiny author pages on both the UK and US version of Amazon, with up-to-date information. I've also updated some stuff on this blog, which some of you might have noticed on your way in today and I've also altered some stuff on Twitter and Facebook. There's more to do I'm sure, such as Goodreads and Shelfari, but that lot took up most of my day. It really is true - promotional work takes more time and is harder work than actually writing the book. Still, it's mostly done now and I can finish the other ones at my leisure safe in the knowledge that most of the mediums have current information for those interested. Now I can get down to some writing.

Just seen that Horrified Press are soon to release Bloody Ghost Stories and now regretting that I never got round to submitting an entry for that one as it looks terrific. Still, another anthology, Dark Mountains, which has got one of my stories in, is also due for release later this month so will look forward to that instead.

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