Monday, 10 February 2014

The big push

Just checked the date of my last post and found that it was 8 days ago! I knew I hadn't posted in a while but 8 days - seriously! Yet another week has flown by in the blink of an eye.

So what have I been up to? Well loads of boring stuff that's for sure, but I've also been busy jotting down ideas and storyboards as and when inspiration struck. The net result? I have a notebook absolutely brimming with ideas just waiting to be written and that's exactly what's going to happen over the coming weeks - a big push on production. There will be no more procrastination. No more excuses. Just writing.

To make matters worse or better, depending on your viewpoint, Horrified Press have just issued a call for submissions to 3 new anthologies with really inspiring titles and I'm equally determined to write for at least a couple of them. Whether some of the story ideas I've got squirrelled away will fit into these anthologies I've no idea - can't remember what they all are at the moment and that should make breezing through them an enjoyable experience, but either way I'm determined to write for Horrified.

Away from writing when time has allowed I've been catching up on TV - the Musketeers continues to enthral and last week saw the return of Sleepy Hollow and Grimm and soon The walking dead returns. Caught up on a few films as well, the most notable of which was Skyfall (James Bond film). It's the second time I've seen it and I enjoyed it just as much this time around - stunning film and by far the best bond film ever.

Hope to get to the cinema at some point to see Lone survivor, but with so much going on by the time I get around to it it will probably have left our theatre.

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