Monday, 6 January 2014

A right pain in the Gregory

Just a brief post tonight guys as to be honest I feel like Hell and have done all day. Woke up at 3.05 this morning with a chronic stiff and throbbing neck and couldn't get back to sleep the pain was so bad. The stiff neck and lack of sleep then of course led to a migraine and not just any old migraine, but the Mother of all migraines. Lost count of how many pain killers I've taken today and of how many times I've been sick, but suffice to say, I've had better days.

Consequently I haven't felt like doing any writing, planning, reading or anything else come to that and have just mooched about the house feeling sorry for myself big time. Did get to watch some darts this afternoon, which was good and managed to walk the hound and get some fresh air, but in the words of the great X Files episode - Nothing important happened today.

Did get to see the second episode of Sherlock last night and thought it was excellent - thought Sherlock's best man speech was hilarious. Really disappointed that there's only one more episode - waited so long and now it's nearly over!

Right, that's about it as the words are starting to dance all over the page and I'm beginning to feel a tad moby again. Hopefully I'll be back to health tomorrow and normal business will be resumed.

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