Saturday, 4 January 2014

A legend my own library

Whilst getting books 3 and 4 published last year was obviously a fantastic achievement and the fulfilment of a dream, dropping into my local library and seeing that they are stocking copies of all 4 of my books runs it a close second. Not only that, but they've all been "taken out" numerous times, which is fantastic news. I knew that book 4 was on order with my county libraries, but until today I didn't realise that they had actually stocked them already. Not only did they have copies of Fury of the sword, but it is one of a dozen or so books proudly displayed on a special bookshelf as you enter the library, consequently drawing a lot of attention. Long may it continue.

Aside from bathing in the warm glow of pride that discovery afforded me I haven't done much today other than watch some darts this afternoon and try and find a home in the house for the dozen or so books I bought/received at Christmas, no easy task in a house already fit to burst.

This evening I've just finished watching Pacific Rim with the brilliant Charlie Hunman. This is one of the films I never got round to seeing at the cinema last year, but dearly wanted to. Okay, not big on plot and detail, but an action packed and visual delight, crammed with excellent special effects which must have looked great on the big screen. A good film if you want a bit of light escapism.

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