Saturday, 9 November 2013

The good, the bad and the ugly

In time honoured tradition we'll start with the bad news, that being that despite my very high hopes for it, my latest competition entry to Spinetinglers came absolutely nowhere, just like its recent predecessors. Really thought that this one stood a good chance, but  kit wasn't to be. That's another one I'll have to retire. I haven't had the time to write an entry for this month's competition (closes on the 15th) which is a shame because I traditionally do well with their December competition. Still, if they go ahead with the Christmas ghost story competition, I'll at least be able to enter that.

The good news is that completely out of the blue, a nice anthology hit my door mate this week and luckily I was able to retrieve it before the dog gave it a good mauling. The anthology was from the lovely people over at Earlyworks Press and contained all the winning and shortlisted flash fiction stories and poems from their competitions earlier this year. My story, The catch, was one of those that made the shortlist. It's a nicely produced anthology and is a welcome addition to my ever expanding collection of published works.

So what's the ugly you say? Well simply this. Just can't seem to settle down to do any meaningful writing at the moment. I'm not overwhelmed with ideas or inspiration, it's true, but I have got some stuff to work on but it's like walking through treacle at the moment, each and every word having to be pulled from my subconscious. Maybe next week will be better.

On the home front the much dreaded dentist visit passed without too much pain - a few well-placed lies about how absolutely none of my teeth hurt, seemed to do the trick despite his sceptical look. This was followed by yet another visit to the hospital for a blood test (now on first name terms with the staff I've been there so often) and then yet another visit to a different hospital last night about something else that has been worrying me. The great news is that they've given me the all-clear (subject to yet more medication). Maybe all these medical issues have been weighing on my mind smothering my muse - it'll be interesting to see.

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