Wednesday, 13 November 2013

It's that time of year again

I seem to remember moaning about this last year and probably will again next year, but having got Halloween and Bon Fire night out of the way, all attention has turned to Christmas and yes, the first morons in my hood have got the Christmas tree lights up.'s only November 13th for pity's sake. Talk about kicking the Hell out of something. I can just about live with shops having decorations up in their windows and I can just about stomach the Christmas music being piped around every shop you enter. Hell, I can even just about cope with Santa's grotto suddenly springing up in the shopping centre, though it appears Santa has been hit by the recession too and is only employed on a zero hours contract. But Christmas lights up in a house already - nope can't and won't ever understand that. Some people are just sad I guess.

Anyway, rant over. Still haven't got any physical writing done - way too much going on around me at the moment, but in the few minutes I get here and there I continue to jot down an outline for book 4 in the Chronicles of Arkadia series. It's coming together nicely at the moment and although I still don't have a clear direction on how I want the story to develop, I have got some useful ideas ready to weave into the fabric of the tale. Also got a new character in mind and I think fans of Teren will like him.

Whilst I haven't been able to do any writing people have been reading the series and I continue to get emails from people dotted all over the world - thanks guys, it's nice to know people are enjoying the books. One guy over in America left a fantastic review of Fury of the sword which I've posted below. See what you think.

Thanks my friend - it means the world.

The Author did another bang-up job with the continuation of a great series! I've gone so far as to recommend the series to my friends and push for them to read it.


-Great editing

-Great story and character development, including the addition of new characters who added to the story arch. I was concerned that Jones was going off the deep end, into super-human status for Teren, but just as the thought entered my mind, he reels him back in and plops him into a more sound footing. The scenes between Teren and his newly discovered daughter, no spoiler alert needed, was really well done and actually made me stop and get light hearted, not easy to do in a fantasy novel. The POV changes were again well done and seamless and added to the overall story.

-The action was plentiful and more plausible than other novels. Before, one of my criticisms was the ballistics of battles, I wondered how someone could keep getting run through or slashed, if they had steel tech they most certainly had armor and as you might or might not know, you just don't "slash" through steel armor with a sword. The reason this could happen to our new enemy was explained, look for the reason as you read the book. Also, the way the army is coming together, to face a new, powerful, enemy is very realistic. Throughout history armies that are in peace-time or in cold war status are filled with officers and leaders that are political appointees and other bad examples of leadership. The aggressors almost always start out better led and motivated simply because they are already on a war footing. The bad leadership and political appointees are being weeded out and the real leadership is taking the reigns to blunt the advance, as occurs in almost every example throughout history. I don't know if this was intended but is a subtle touch that def. adds to the story to those who pick up on the details.

My only criticisms are purely selfish. It ended on a semi-cliff hangar with some unresolved plot lines and I know it's going to be a bit before we see the further adventures of Teren and crew, it's good enough to almost make me want to get a cc card drawn on a British bank so I can use Amazon U.K., in the assumption the next in the series will be there before it's available here.

Again Mr. Jones very well done! I give you my ultimate complement I did not SKIM! Only about 1 book in 10 keeps me reading line for line, the other 9 I usually skim or speed read about every 5th or 6th word, reading 3/4 of a page usually equates to a solid book, reading the whole book cover to cover is something I reserve only for the really good ones and you def. made me do that, good job!

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