Sunday, 27 October 2013

Good to go...

Unless something serious or major happens overnight and with a hurricane supposedly heading this way that's entirely possible, aside from a couple of medical appointments later in the week, I should have plenty of writing time for once. So what to write? I've several short story ideas I could explore although I haven't got any particular competitions in mind for them. I could just have a go at writing one or two of these this week and see where it takes me; write them and then worry about where to sub them. Or I could work on the final edit of my Xmas ghost story I wrote 3 weeks ago and get that ready for submission. Then again I could start plotting book 4 in the Chronicles of Arkadia series because it won't be long before my publisher is asking how that's coming along. Maybe I'll finally start work on my historical novel I plotted out months ago. Ten or eleven years ago I wrote a novel (my first one in fact) which was set at the outset of World War One. I subbed it to just about every literary agent there was at the time and although some of them were quite complimentary about the writing, none were prepared to take it on.

Anyone who knows me would tell you that I'm a real WW1 nut and own and have read dozens of books on the subject. I've been to the battlefields and stood among the thousands upon thousands of white headstones and hung my head in respect. It's just one of those periods in history that I find fascinating and consequently I've always wanted to write my own novel based around that period. The first one obviously wasn't good enough, I see that now when I flick back through the pages, but it had its moments. There's definitely something in there I can work with. The novel I've mapped out at the moment is completely different, although there is probably some dove-tailing in there somewhere, as it would be hard not to. Maybe I'll write a hybrid of the two, I don't know, either way I just know that I've got unfinished business and I won't rest until I've written a novel set in WW1 that I'm proud of.

When I'm not working on one of the above I hope to spend a fair bit of time promoting Fury of the sword, Book 3 in the Chronicles of Arkadia series. The Kindle version went live last Monday and I noticed on Friday that the paperback version is now available, which is great news.

We also took the decision to reduce the Kindle price of Destiny of the sword down to a mere £0.77 to try and bolster sales and I understand that sales are going quite well as a result. Hopefully more people will become hooked on the series and then buy books 2 and 3.

Then of course there's Halloween on Thursday so I really need to try and make a final push on Tales of Terror for a dark night.

Maybe there won't be any writing time after all!

Right I'm off to baton down the hatches and to pray for my fences. Stay safe everyone.

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