Monday, 19 August 2013

Needles, procrastination and Breaking Bad.

Those of you who occasionally check out my Facebook page or perhaps follow me on Twitter, will know that last Thursday I had the dubious pleasure of going into hospital for a procedure on my throat, something I was looking forward to in much the same way as a turkey looks forward to Christmas. Have to say that aside from the needle in the arm, the whole experience wasn't too painful (except maybe the 4.5 hour wait to go down for surgery) but everything since then has been a bit grim. My throat's extremely sore and I was told that I couldn't speak for 5-7 days, but the novelty of writing notes for everybody soon wore off and I soon tried talking. Big mistake. Pain should virtually be gone by now but damn thing's more painful than when I started so it's back to the notepad again from tomorrow and I'm sticking to it for a few days. Got two more procedures to look forward to in the next few weeks one of which involves sticking a tube with the girth of a Boa Constrictor down my throat so I don't much fancy that with a sore throat. Still, onwards and upwards.

Still waiting to hear back from my publisher regarding Fury of the sword. I did hear from her a few days ago at which point she said that she was really enjoying the book, so I'm hoping that that is still the case and that she's perhaps having a second read. Really want to try and get this one published in September if we can.

When I posted ten or eleven days ago I stated that now that the book was out of the way for a couple of weeks that I wanted to get back to writing some short stories, but unfortunately that hasn't been the case. Hospital visits has played a major part in that, but also been really busy with other life hassles, the likes of which everybody knows. I only have one story out there enetred in a competition and I was delighted to receive an email yesterday from the organisers advising me that my short story, The catch, had made the shortlist in their flash fiction competition and will be published in their anthology later this year. They always do a really nice professional job of their prize winning anthologies so I'm really pleased to be involved in this one. Now though I've got nothing out there and really need to get writing with no more excuses.

Just want to say at this point a big Thank You to those of you who send me emails and messages about my books; they are always greatly appreciated and well-received. Every writer likes to know there's someone out there who appreciates their work.

After a slow start sales of Tales of terror for a dark night seem to be going really well. I've managed to secure two fairly decent size orders with another one in the pipeline hopefully, but lots of people have been buying individual copies as well which is fantastic. I was delighted to see that Tales of terror had zoomed back up the Amazon charts again a few days ago to number 29000. Sounds bad I know, but when you think there is something like 6 million books listed it kind of gives you a better perspective. Anyway, a big thank you to everyone who keeps buying copies of my books.

Finally, what can I say? Two episodes in and I'm already totally enthralled in part 2 of season 5 of Breaking Bad. Picking up right where it left off, the storyline is absolutely superb and already favourite characters like Jesse Pinkman and Skinny Pete have been in it. Today's episode was full of tension.

Bring on next week already!

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