Thursday, 25 July 2013

Hackers, sales and zombies!!

So a little later than I initially anticipated I am back and posting I'm glad to say. The delay was caused by someone hacking into my account and doing all sorts of things for no other reason than the hell of it from what I can tell, but thanks anyway to whoever it was- your input as always was greatly appreciated. Perhaps by way of thanks I can give you a piece of advice in return - get a sodding life!!

Right that's enough time and energy wasted on whoever that was, time to move onto things more productive. Really pleased to announce that paperback sales of Tales of terror for a dark night are apparently going very well, with some of the hard work I've been putting in behind the scenes paying off. However, the job of promotional work is never done and you can never become complacent so I continue to push all 3 books whenever and wherever I can.

I was in my local library the other day and was thrilled to see that their copies of Destiny of the sword have been taken out many times, which is great news and soon they will be stocking a number of copies of Tales of terror across the county. For some reason although the County Council said that they'd bought a number of copies of Redemption of the sword and their website catalogue confirms this, it doesn't appear to be stocked anywhere and this is something I'll have to pursue.

Been really busy with a lot of non-writing stuff over the last couple of weeks so haven't written anything new unfortunately, but I have arranged for a couple more reviews to be done and another magazine article in a trade magazine which might be in this month's issue or more likely, next months. It's better to spread these things out over the months so that you don't saturate the market with all your publicity eggs in one go and then have nothing fresh to offer over the proceeding months. Anyway, hope to be back to writing very shortly although one writing competition I've entered is due to announce its winners next week, so fingers crossed on that one. Got to say that some of of prize in that competition would be very well received and would boost morale in a year when very little story writing has taken place.

In other news I've just finished reading End of days by James Wilde, book 3 in the Hereward series. Been looking forward to that book for nearly a year and it did not disappoint. Unfortunately that appears to be the end of the series so I don't know what James has planned next. Fingers crossed he'll come up with another idea with a similar impact.

Although I have to watch them in segments as I'm unable to sit for very long at a time, I've watched a number of films lately, some of which were very good, too many to mention in fact. However, one I must mention because it just made me laugh, is Zombies versus Cocknies. As a film it's absolutely awful, but a damned good laugh and even now as I sit here typing and thinking about it, one particular scene makes me grin. A masterpiece it ain't but if you just want to spend an hour and a half watching mindless violence with some great humour, then I recommend this - just don't expect too much.

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