Monday, 22 April 2013

Stop, start

Okay, so April is turning out to be one of the most frustrating months I've ever known. I'm so full of writing ideas that the voices of the characters are literally screaming in my head, demanding to be written about, but I'm just not finding the time to do them justice, not on a consistent basis anyway.

Managed to write another 3000 words or so today, which meant that chapter 12 is now finished and I'm now just beyond the halfway point in the novel. They say that the section comprising 40000 to 70000 words is the hardest part of a novel to write and I certainly found that true in book 2, but I'm convinced taht this time I'm going to breeze through. In fact I'm more worried that I won't be able to get all the ideas into the novel or that my word count will be embarrassingly large - we'll have to wait and see. Either way I won't find out if I don't knuckle down and get on with some serious writing.

I've already missed several short story competition deadlines which I wanted to enter and haven't even started working on my historical novel, which as I've mentioned before, is time critical, so I'm going to have to make a decision son as to whether I can realistically cope with the extra workload or whether I just have to let this one slide.

All writers should improve as they learn and hone their craft, and I really feel that book 3 is shaping up to be by far and away the best of the series and I can't wait for it to be ready for submission to my publisher. I'm finding it so easy to write about some of the characters now - it's almost as if I've lived with them, which I suppose is true to a certain extent. I no longer have a plan of how each chapter is going to develop and instead just start writing and let the characters lead me. So far they haven't let me down.

Another exciting thing happening is that an anthology of some of my short ghost/horror stories is going to be published in the not to distant future. I've just been asked by my publisher to give them one last proofread and then we should be in business. I've just signed off the cover idea which as always, looks superb and I really can't wait to get this one out there.

Finally started reading again, although this too has been spasmodic this week, and I'm about halfway through book 1 of Christian Cameron's "Tyrant" series - Killer of men. Looking forward to finding the time to knuckle down and really get stuck into that book rather than picking at it a few pages at a time, which is the case at the moment.

TV wise, not only has Justified and Spartacus finished, but Sunday saw the last episode of the fantastic Person of interest, which of course they left on a cliff hanger. Still, at least we've got Game of thrones.

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