Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Playing catch up

Don't you just hate it when day-to-day life gets in the way of your writing; I know I do? After a really good week or so of writing, I've had to put it to one side for a few days as I sorted out other issues. It's amazing how quickly things build up but I'm glad to say that once again things are pretty much under control and that hopefully I can get back to writing tomorrow.

Looking back through my notes this afternoon I saw that I've got the bones of 4 or maybe 5 short stories waiting to be fleshed out, but all of my chapter ideas for Fury of the sword have been written. I would really prefer to kick on again with the novel from tomorrow but if the muse has left me I might find that difficult and I could end up getting increasingly frustrated as I stare at a blank screen with a flashing cursor. The smart play, therefore, might be just to have a go at writing one of those short story ideas up to kickstart the creative juices. Have to wait and see how I feel in the morning.

Sent another couple of short stories off to competitions today meaning that I've now got five out there somewhere, most of which aren't meant to announce their winners for some months, so can be forgotten about for now. One, however, is due to announce within the next week or so and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a result. It's been a while since I won a prize (December).

Received my latest sales figures today for both of my previous books and was pleased to see that sales for Redemption of the sword, have finally picked up. Destiny of the sword, the first book in the Chronicles of Arkadia series, continues to sell well, which is encouraging. Interesting to note that a large percentage of my sales were in America, which is brilliant - long may that continue.

Heard from my publisher today that it's all systems go as far as publishing an anthology of my short stories goes and I'm really excited about this. It will contain a mixture of my prize winning stories along with some other stories which have been published in overseas anthologies. There should be a couple of brand new stories in there as well - the final line up is still being decided, so more details closer to publication date.

Still haven't picked up a book to read sadly, but hope to address that situation this weekend as well. Not sure yet what I'm going to read - fantasy or historical fiction, as I've got plenty of both outstanding.

Finally, becoming increasingly depressed about the fact that from Monday at 11.00 pm, Spartacus - War of the damned, will be over. Bad enough that Breaking bad's finished for now, as has Justified, but at least they can come back with another series. Spartacus unfortunately is terminal.
Still, at least there's Game of thrones - if only I understood it!

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