Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Nearly there

Apologies to regular readers of this blog for the lack of postings lately, but the last week to ten days have been manic as I've been busily polishing, editing and proofreading my anthology of short horror stories. Finally managed to get them sorted and sent over to my publisher along with a proposed blurb yesterday and having already chosen a cover design (another excellent job by my publisher) it should be all systems go. Just got to wait for Netherworld to format and print set the book. We haven't talked publication dates yet, but I'm really hoping that it will be out there for purchasing by mid-June. Really excited about this and looking forward to the promotional side of things as I will be trying to sell it to a different set of readers to the Chronicles of Arkadia series.

With regards to book 3 of the chronicles, nothing more has been added unfortunately and it's languishing at around the 42000 word mark which isn't bad but falls well short of my target of wanting to have it finished by the end of April. Hopefully now that I've done everything I can on the anthology for the time being I can get back down to the business of continuing to write book 3.

Disappointed to find out this week that a couple of my short stories didn't get anywhere in their respective competitions - had really high hopes for one of them in particular. Now got the tricky business of trying to find somewhere else to enter them as I'm sure at least one of them can find success. That means that now I've only got 3 short stories entered into competitions and one of those is well-overdue announcing its winners. The other 2 don't even close for a couple of months let alone name their winners so I haven't got much to look forward to on that front.

Still not been able to find the time to pick up a book and read and I've got a mountain of them waiting for my attention, including one by an up and coming young fantasy writer by the name of Sam Leeves, called "Endless tides" - check it out at http://www.amazon.co.uk/Endless-Tides-Sam-Leeves/dp/1909224189.

Might start to find a little bit of time soon to start reading as some of the many TV shows I've been glued to are winding up or have already finished. The excellent Person of interest finished a week or so ago, hot on the heels of Spartacus and Grimm and Arrow can't have too many episodes left. Just time to do a bit of reading perhaps before the long-awaited return of Falling skies, Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy - bring it on!

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