Sunday, 3 March 2013

It's all in the preparation

That's what they all say isn't it? It's all in the preparation. Well I certainly hope it's true, because sadly all I've had time to do this last week has been to plot and prepare as opposed to doing some actual writing.

I've got the first six or seven chapters of my historical novel well and truly mapped out and ideas for another five or six chapters after that, although I'm not sure yet which order they will appear in so am just leaving them as ideas at the moment.

I've also got perhaps three or four chapter ideas for Fury of the sword, bubbling away although again I'm not yet sure where in the novel they're going to appear. I also randomly came up with a couple of cracking lines I want to incorporate in the book somewhere, but they won't be appearing until near the end of the book and the climax. They made me laugh and were typical of Teren Rad's humour, so should fit in nicely.

Randomly woke up the other night with two cracking ideas for short horror stories, but despite preaching many times on this blog about how aspiring writers should always keep a notepad and pen with them at all times, including on the bedside cabinet, I don't. Because of this and because I was too scared to wake the 'fearsome one' and ask her to roll me over so that I could struggle out of bed, many a good idea has drifted into oblivion beyond the powers of recall the next morning. Luckily, this wasn't one of those occasions and despite not making any notes, both ideas were still with me in the morning although in retrospect, one of them wasn't as great as I seemed to think at 3.00 am. The other one though has definitely got some mileage and I look forward to writing that one at some point.

So in summary I've got a wealth of writing to do and just need some peace and quiet to do it, though that again looks unlikely this week with appointments and commitments all over the place. When I do eventually get the opportunity to write it should be fantastic and put me right in the zone, something I haven't felt in a while.

I think I've only got short stories out there in about four competitions now and one of those announced their winners last Thursday and unfortunately I wasn't one of them. Quite disappointed actually because I didn't think it was too shabby, but that's two competitions it's flopped in now so I'll give it one more try before retiring it for good. Another one of the remaining competitions should announce their winners this week at some point and again I've got hope, but we'll have to see. This is a brand new story and one of the best I've ever written; I can only hope that others think so too.

Haven't read anything for a couple of weeks now, which is disappointing. Promised myself that I would try and read three books a month this year and whilst I managed it in January I only got round to reading two last month. However, a brief visit to Waterstones yesterday convinced me I need to get a jig on as several new historical books have been published already this year, including Christian Cameron's "Destroyer of cities", so with that in mind I'll sign off for tonight.

Keep reading and writing!

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