Thursday, 14 February 2013

That'll do nicely

It's been a good week writing wise so far and I'm hoping that the trend will continue on into the weekend as well.

So far I've entered one of the two short stories I wrote last week into a competition, but more importantly I've managed to get stuck into book 3 of the Chronicles of Arkadia, working title, Fury of the sword.

Chapter one is virtually complete and just needs an ending, chapters 2 and 3 are written and today I managed to knock out chapter 4, again all bar the ending Total word count so far is just over 11000 so I'm nicely on course for a 22 chapter novel of about 90k.

I've got another 2 chapters mapped out in my head but after that I'm going to have to think on my feet as quite honestly I didn't expect the early stages of the novel to go quite this well, though I'm obviously pleased they have.

Several new characters in this book although the recurring heroes Teren Rad and Ro Aryk among others remain. I'm also going to give some of the lesser characters from book one and especially book 2, larger roles this time round with several different story threads running at the same time; that will leave my options open as to how book 4 develops assuming my publisher wants to continue the series that is.

Whilst I can't afford to interrupt this rich vein of form I'm enjoying with the fantasy novel, I have several voices screaming in my head demanding that their story be told. For example, ten years ago I wrote my first novel which I thought was pretty darn good, but then again I would. Apparently though it was pants because I never managed to secure an agent despite approaching over 40 of them. When I look back on it now with ten years more experience of honing my craft under my belt, I see why they rejected it. The idea however remains solid and is even more relevant now with the passage of time and whilst I very much enjoy writing fantasy and will continue to do so, the subject of that long ago novel is very close to my heart and deserves another shot. So somehow over the next few weeks I've got to find time to start work on a second novel, keep the first one moving forward, fulfill my short story commitments and deliver on my promise to write some more stuff for Static Movement. Simples!

Away from writing after managing to read 3 books in January (a personal best) I've just finished reading Spartacus - Rebellion, by Ben Kane. It was good but I didn't enjoy it as much as some of his other books and in particular the first Spartacus book. I've now started reading Zulu Hart by Saul David. This is a period of history I absolutely love and about which if I'm honest, I consider myself to be very knowledgeable and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. As soon as I've finished reading that I've got the sequel Hart of Empire, lined up, both of which I hope to finish by the end of the month.

On TV absolutely stoked that Spartacus - War of the damned is back. If that's not the best TV ever I don't know what is. Also enjoying Person of interest and of course tomorrow night sees the return of the Walking dead. Bring it on!

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