Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Germs and success

Just a quick entry tonight because feeling like garbage due to some kind of lurgy that's been dragging me slowly down for the last 48 hours. Really would like to pass on my thanks to the person or persons who shared this with me last Friday in the doctor's surgery. As soon as I saw the crowded waiting room and the noticeboard saying a 45 minute delay I should have done the off, but having waited weeks for the appointment I didn't like to. When I felt the wet spittle from this mountain of a woman sat behind me hit my neck, I knew I was in trouble.

Anyway, finally pleased to be able to announce that I have won first prize in this month's Writing Magazine's short story competition, with a ghost story theme. Nice double page spread of the story with a little caption and photo of me and a plug for both novels. Been entering their competitions on and off for about six years but have only hitherto managed to get shortlisted on two occasions, so chuffed to finally make the breakthrough. There are some very good and talented writers who enter this competition so I am privileged to now be able to join their winners' list.

Spinetinglers should announce their monthly winners tomorrow or the day after so fingers crossed on that one as well although the winners have normally been notified by now and by email inbox has been sadly devoid of good news this week; still there's always hope. After that I'm entered into just three other competitions but I don't think any of them are due to announce their winners until the end of March or April.

Despite feeling like death warmed up still managed to write another 1400 words of the novel this afternoon, though what quality they were I don't know. Still I'm a great believer in just getting the thing written and then fine tuning it when it's finished. That's what editing's for after all isn't it?

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