Monday, 18 February 2013

Fame at last!

 Firstly, a warm welcome to all new visitors as well as existing readers - pleased to have you on board.

Okay after months of impatient waiting, I was thrilled on Friday when March's edition of Essex Life magazine, a glossy, top of the range magazine for people living in... you've guessed it, Essex, came out with a feature about my books.

In fairness I was only expecting a half page feature with a small photo, but I've got to say the editor has done me proud with a double page spread including photos of me and both book covers. The feature talks about my background, the road to publication and my writing successes to date. There's also a nice little feature on "Jeff's 5 top tips for aspiring writers". I'm biased I know, but it really is a nice feature and completely surpassed my expectations. It was also nicely tied in with the fact that the Essex Book Festival runs in March.

I don't know whether the feature will generate more sales, I certainly hope so, but regardless of that it's a nice bit of publicity in a magazine with a healthy circulation so it can't do any harm. This is especially useful as it comes just a couple of weeks after I appeared in Writing Magazine with a little bit about me as a result of winning their Ghost Story competition. I should also appear in next month's Writers' News "members section," but that hasn't been confirmed yet.

Probably going to spend most of tomorrow updating web pages, Facebook and twitter whilst advertising the Essex Life feature whenever and wherever I can, then hopefully from Wednesday I can get back down to the business of writing Fury of the sword.

Finished read "Zulu Hart" the other night and absolutely loved it. As I said before, the Zulu War is one of my favourite periods of history and one which I am very knowledgeable about, which is probably why I enjoyed the book so much. It paints the main characters of Bromhead and Chard completely different to how they were portrayed in the film starring Michael Caine and Stanley Baker (Zulu) which was interesting but other characters such as Crealock come over exactly how they were played in the film. I'm looking forward to reading Saul David's other book, Hart of Empire when I get a moment.

Television wise, the new episode of Walking Dead was good, but perhaps not as good as I'd hoped for pre the break, but it's early days and the last episode before the break was outstanding so perhaps I'm being a little unfair. Person of interest just keeps getting better and better and does Justified starring Timothy Olyphant.

How's a bloke supposed to get any writing done with such great TV around?

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