Wednesday, 30 January 2013

On a run

Spent most of this week so far working on the second of the two stories I started writing last week. This one has to have been one of the easiest stories I have ever written, the words just trotting out onto the computer screen at a rate of knots. It's also one of the best stories I've ever written in my opinion and I can't wait to submit it somewhere to see what others think.

It's not a straightforward ghost story this time - in fact I don't know what genre it would be classed as, but I'm going to try and pass it off as a horror story first and see how I get on. After 3 decent edits over the last couple of days I've got the word count down to just under 5000 words, which is goingt o restrict its potential markets unfortunately.

Other than that, I was contacted by one of the magazine editors that is running a feature on me in their next issue, asking me for a few more details, which I naturally returned post haste. Really looking forward to seeing that article when it comes out and hope that it will generate some sales movement for both of my books.

Haven't read much over the last couple of days due to a blinding migraine, a migraine I might add that was caused by a physiotherapy session I underwent to prevent migraines - figures.

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